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Memories of 2009

The summer of 2009 has ended, even those nice September weekends are gone. The beach house is closed up tight. It was a good year despite the cooler weather for the entire early summer.

One of the great things about being able to spend time at the Jersey shore is the memories we can have of nice times. The ocean, the sea air, giving your self permission to relax and being able to watch the kids have such fun are all such nice things. When these get rolled up into a weekend, a week or for those that are really fortunate – a summer – there are a lot of nice times that settle into our brains.

I have so many of these built up in my memory bank that just arriving at the beach puts me into instant relaxation mode. My soul exhales upon arriving.

I hope that many of you that have visited the Jersey shore this summer have some fond memories of your time there. Some thoughts to keep you warm, and bring a smile to your face, as we head into the cold of the “off” season.